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Last update 06.06.2018


Offers are without engagement.

Kindly understand that I am not in the position to quote detailed prices here because every translation is individual. Important for the calculation is the length, level of difficulty, formatting, file format and the priority of the text. Therefore, a quotation is only presented upon inspection of the text. The professional fee calculated in quotations is only the approximate price.

Calculation basis for the services offered by the translator are the respectively agreed remunerations per page, character or standard line with 55 characters as they are counted by a line-counting program (WORD function). The WORD function offers you the advantage to understand my calculation basis at any time. I will send you the price per line upon inquiry.

Proofreading and increased formatting time will be calculated according to hours worked.

The calculation is based on the actual length of the produced translation or the actual time effort for other services. The classification of the level of difficulty of the translation is entirely up to the translator.

In case of large-scale orders a down payment or instalment payment according to the completed text quantity can be required.

For large-scale and standing orders we can agree special conditions.